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It all changed for me on my 24th birthday.

I have never been fussy about gifts. My memories of childhood gifts are blurry at best, most vivid of which was during the time we lived in the Caribbean Sea-side town of Black River in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. Each Christmas my parents would take my sister and I to the bookstore where we would pick out our books of choice. I amounted an impressive Nancy Drew collection, if I may say so myself. I remember us having a Christmas tree, but there’s no gifted toy that stands out in my mind. I guess they never really mattered to me.

As I’ve gotten older I got accustomed to not having gifts for birthdays or Christmases. However, when presented with a gift bag or wrapped item my expectations show up, and shows up in great force. So, on my 24th birthday, imagine my delight in unwrapping an unexpected birthday gift…a Bible.

I felt deflated. What in the world were my parents thinking??? I already had Bibles that I brought to church when not collecting dust in a corner somewhere. It sat untouched for a year and a half.

Then, life changed for me and that precious gift that I was most ungrateful for became the very air in my lungs, and shifted the course my life was on. It was the Life Application Study Bible – New Living Translation, and applied to my life it became.

Now, thanks to the seed planted on my 24th birthday you can share in some of the things I have or will discover as I continue to study the Bible; questions I grapple with, things that challenge me, messages that ring loudly to me…they will all be shared here. Don’t leave me by myself, add your comments and let’s journey together.

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