But You’re A Potato

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Illustration: Lays Commercial – Mrs Potato In Pantry

One of the craziest things to me is to hear a Christian or someone who attends church fairly regular talk about things they don’t like about “y’all church people”…so what are you? A Church Alien? Church Animal perhaps?

We, WE are all created from mess, into a beautiful mess. Each of us, born in sin and shaped in iniquity. Our ability to be good is found only in the Grace of God. How are we then in a place to devour another believer simply for a laugh?

I think it has irked me more as it is blatantly done publicly, sometimes even digging deep to find and publish for the sake of likes and repost or share numbers. We have become crabs in a barrel, tearing each other down for our own popularity. Hitting the Share or Repost buttons on some of the most embarrassing moments of another believer’s life.

What about taking care especially of those who are a part of the household of faith? (Galatians 6:10)

You have the right to do what you please, but, for the love of God and His bride, can we be more responsible about what we share or record, understanding that when the laughs and comments have stopped, someone’s life has been negatively altered?

Let me be quick to add that this goes beyond Social Media. We have got to grow up and stop clowning people to hide from our own imperfections. We have to stop berating others for our own entertainment. If I’m your sister, I should be able to count on you to have my back, especially when I’m face down in a pile of my own mess. This in no way negates the need to hold people accountable, but let’s try doing that the Biblical way (which means we need to read it to know it).

So, let’s try something different. Let us see if we can maintain our social media friendships and following without dwelling in a negative, petty place all the days of our lives. Let us not give in to the urge to share our opinions on brothers and sisters of our faith without knowing all sides and praying. Let us not be like TMZ and Blog sites who stoop low for the sake of numbers and personal gain. Let us challenge ourselves.

And yes, it is your opinion, and your platform to do with as you please. However, if you open the door to cast a negative light on someone then don’t hide when it’s your time.

Tek care,


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