Digging isn’t required to discover that one who follows Christ should be kind. It’s one of the first things children learn as they begin to socialize with family, or venture out to school.

Be Kind.

Yet, “the struggle is real” in walking this out. Being kind, generous, UNSELFISH is not natural to most of us. We want to be selfish, to look out for ourselves before looking out for others. It makes sense. Put our own oxygen masks on before helping others they say. And to that I agree. Be careful in sacrificing your own wellbeing, but as much as possible let us seek to be unselfish.

I’m tasked with this message: Live An Unselfish Life. Consider others and especially their needs above yours. Make allowances for each other’s faults. Give. Be Kind. It is a message I’ve toyed with for several years. It is a message that is now needed more than ever, just take a look at social media or USA political news. It is a message I will share with you here in hopes that you will begin to not only live it out, but pass it on. Be kind, hit me up and share your thoughts.


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