Be A Pattern

So, I currently serve the middle + high school students at my local church, along with the young adults (though the young adults might disown me soon). As of March 2021 we restarted Youth Sundays where the youth and young adults take over our Sunday worship service. For April I shared the preaching time with a high school junior who spoke from the same passage and she KILLED IT! Honestly, I was super proud of the young men and women who participated in leading out the service and I nearly cried watching them on stage.

I walked in that morning with three words, what I studied tucked away in the creases of my mind, and no notes – Be A Pattern. In so many ways we have mastered being a sketch; a beautifully colored and accessorized figment of what we want people to see. We play roles, check off boxes, and flaunt our self righteousness while our hearts and actions away from the spotlight tell another story. In this passage Paul encourages a younger man, Timothy, to boldly study, proclaim, and live out the Word. Below, I share that encouragement with you.

What are people learning from your life?

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