Multiply: The Lord Needs It

I’ve found over the years that it is far easier to be a spectator, one who warms a seat, a critic, or a dormant team member rather than actively putting our gifts to us to make an impact. This was not the sort of Palm Sunday sermon that I grew up on but I strongly felt that there was need to focus on a verse that is usually a filler, maybe even a precursor to what most highlight as the main objective of the larger passage. In most Bibles, that section is titled “The Triumphant Entry of Jesus”, and preachers/teachers rush to exhort on the crowd’s response as the Son of God rode into town on a young donkey. This year, as I reflected on the passage what stood out to me was the earlier part – his instruction to the disciples, the very specific and clear nature that instruction took, the accuracy of location and response all moved in beautiful synchrony all because, “The Lord needs it.”

What is it that you have not yet put to use yet would produce a great impact in the life of someone or society at large? Listen below then let me know.

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