What’s Next?

Who would have thought that at some point we would be doing church completely online? Never would we have imagined that when the psalmist penned “I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord” in the 122nd Psalm that the house of the Lord would not include gathering in groups. Yet, it is 2020, and here we are.

Just after Mother’s Day this year I was asked to preach for our Sunday service. In the midst of a pandemic and the beginning of the swell of the 2020 protests against racially motivated murders of black men and women I had the task of staring in a mirror to speak a word of encouragement. If you’ve read my previous blog on Jeremiah 29 then the content of this message shouldn’t surprise you; years later my voice is consistent on this passage.

So, I say to you, hang on. What’s next is in God hands. He’s got you, He’s got all things concerning you in His hands, and HE DOES NOT FAIL!

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