Shanoy Coombs

Sisters, I give you permission to grow beyond your circumstances. Your journey does not end where you have started.

Shanoy Coombs

Who are you?

Go-getter, inspired to inspire and committed to using communication to effect positive change as a development communication practitioner, teacher and speaker.

Did you always dream of being where you are today? If no, then what was your dream?


What moment or conversation changed your life?

From an early age my mother has imparted key lessons such as being greater than your circumstances and seeing hurdles as JUST stumbling blocks. She further noted that for each stumbling block you overcome, you will be stronger to face others. Importantly, my mother was a giver. As an educator, she used her role to act as stand in mother and mentor to so many. I saw the difference she made in the life of others and how much she gave from whatever little she had. I think these early conversations and lessons have been pivotal to getting me to where I am today.

What lesson learned is guiding you through life?

The concept of mortality has been a guiding principle. I thrive on the knowledge that we are all here for a purpose, a time and a season. When you see your life as a candle with a flame that burns but will eventually reach the end of the wick, it pushes you to think and act differently. I therefore try to see each day as an opportunity to stand in and live out my purpose driven life. In the end, my impact needs to extend beyond me and so my only true mark will be how I use my own talents to help others to also grow.

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I have been working on launching my online courses in Public Speaking and Visualizing and Vision-boarding your life. This is being done to extend the geographic reach for persons who often wish to attend and are restricted by location.

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