Kelli Jordan

Sisters, I give you permission to be CONTENT and JOYFUL about where you are presently – as you continue to move forward. I personally, more often than I would like to admit, struggle with missing the “now” because I am desiring the next! There is nothing wrong with desiring and pushing for “what’s next” but just make sure you are taking inventory of the life lessons, blessings and relationships you gain along the way. Sisters, I also give you permission to CELEBRATE your wins and CONTEMPLATE the lessons you’ve learned from your losses. The Lord uses both for His glory and your good!

Kellianne Jordan

Who are you?

Who am I? Loaded question! I am constantly trying to answer that question without using titles or accolades to under-gird my identity. I also find that, for me, the answer to that question shifts focus with every season of life I am in. With these thoughts in mind my answer to your question is – I am a woman on a journey to know God and be known, to serve and love God and others, to live out my purpose as a creative (singer, songwriter, writer, actress, musician, storyteller, director) entrepreneur and inspire others to live purposefully, to be free from the fears and insecurities that try to bind me (they are more successful than I would like to admit) and to not just live, but thrive!

Did you always dream of being where you are today? If no, then what was your dream?

The actual answer is yes and no. I never dreamed of marriage and family. I never dreamed of having a partner that shares my passion for all things music, theater and art. I did dream of being creative and telling stories that could change hearts but as a shy child growing up, my dreams seemed beyond my reach and even now, I feel like I am just scratching the surface! There are SO many things that I desire to do – I’m trying to enjoy the journey!

What moment or conversation changed your life? 

One conversation that changed my life was a conversation with the Lord. Although I didn’t really know Him, He knew me. At the time, I was on a fruitless quest of nothingness and unsure of my purpose and my value. I had deemed myself unworthy to live, my existence unnecessary and planned to take my life. At that exact moment, I heard a very distinct voice telling me not to complete my plan because I indeed had worth, value and purpose. I halted my mission. Somehow I knew – God was speaking to me and I needed to listen. That conversation, albeit very one-sided, was what set my life on the right track and I have NEVER looked back.

What lesson learned is guiding you through life?

What I do is NOT who I am. At it’s core this statement is about identity. In the past, I tried to hard to be perfect – to do right and be right but I was SO wrong. The Lord stepped in (and continues to step in) and showed me that the things I do don’t make me right but my relationship with God does. I would get hung up on my mistakes and miss opportunities to celebrate my success. Now, I try not to hinge my identity on what I can create, or who I can encourage or the roles I fill in my family or my church but who God says I am, even when there are times I don’t believe it for myself.

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