Jessica Maloney

Sisters, I give you permission to question your beliefs, hear other perspectives, and continue to grow.

Jessica Maloney

Who are you?

Internally, I am a raging feminist who wants to burn all of her bras. Externally, I am a coder and marketer with a heart for people with special needs. I am a wife and mom who tries to balance a life of work, teaching my daughters to be whoever they want to be, and supporting my husband as he pursues his art.

Did you always dream of being where you are today? If no, then what was your dream?

I have had several dreams for myself throughout the years, but my more recent dream was to be working at a special needs orphanage in India.

What moment or conversation changed your life?

In my final year of college, I had a feminist professor (at a very conservative school) who made us read and talk through the book My Brother’s Keeper. This book forever changed my trajectory as it made me think through my beliefs of religion, parenting, and gender roles. That year I found my voice, learned to think for myself, and began to challenge people in my life to think through why they believe what they believe.

What lesson learned is guiding you through life?

The one lesson that has guided me through many areas and times of my life has been “you can do anything for a season.” This lesson has gotten me through many tough times where I have felt overworked or disconnected. It has helped me to keep things in perspective and to realize that some things are only for a season. My husband and I even keep this perspective in our marriage and family as we continue to navigate through this crazy life!

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