Aisha K. Francis

Sisters, I give you permission to AUDACIOUSLY live a life worthy of your calling!

Aisha K. Francis

Who are you?

Aisha Francis loves people and intentionally lives a purpose-infused life. She is a leader, author, and storyteller. Aisha founded Aisha K. Francis, a consulting practice, on the principle of “living audaciously a life worthy of your calling” and provides entrepreneurial strategies for those who want their purpose to be at the core of their profession. Aisha also founded Project: Restore FIBI (Families Impacted By Incarceration), a soft place for families to land when a family member becomes involved with the criminal justice system. FIBI provides a safe and supportive space for these families to heal, grow and thrive.

Above all, Aisha’s deepest joy is her family. She is happily married for over 25 years to her forever love partner. Their family is made complete with their six children, their grandson and their family bunny, Wilfred.

Did you always dream of being where you are today? If no, then what was your dream?

To be a plastic surgeon: My mother was a nurse and as a child I literally immersed myself in her medical books. Medicine became my passion and I was fast tracking – having skipped a grade and all – to med school. My desire was to help people restore the greatest degree possible of normalcy, through plastic surgery, after a life-altering, physically scarring incident.

What moment or conversation changed your life?

I had a personal breakdown around grade 11. Looking back I recognize it as depression but at the time, with limited awareness of mental health, I simply thought I was failing at life. I would leave to go to school in the morning and ride the subway all day long. My mom, a single parent did an amazing job of creating a good life for us however, life had still afforded me deeply troubling experiences of instability, sexual abuse and rejection. The depression was these things surfacing and I did not know how to respond, who to trust or where to seek out help. This depression disrupted my life and put me on a detour that would take me through years of re-routing.

What lesson learned is guiding you through life?

The destination of your life never changes. God birthed me with purpose, a particular purpose for such a time as this. My purpose has always been to restore lives; it is what I do now and it is a truth that has never changed. So despite the detours or the various paths to destiny I took or was led on, or the fact that I restore lives beyond the physical, I am where I am to be doing what I am to be doing. My entire being (i.e. personality, gifts, skills, strengths and weaknesses) developed and matured through my life experiences is how I have been prepared and ushered directly into my purpose. All of it has led me towards and continues to under-gird me through the walking out of my calling. The good, the bad, the defeats and the triumphs have all culminated in my deep relationship with God and my deep connection to my purpose. I despise none of it because I have needed all of it to get fully into purpose and to be able to carry the enduring mantle of my purpose.

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