Where Is Your Voice?

Something has been impressed on my heart since May 2018 and I’m finally ready to follow through – forgive me, I’m fully a procrastinator in my personal life.

A great deal of us read blogs and follow various social media pages being pulled into the stories of others. We are inspired, motivated, challenged, and if we’re honest sometimes we get depressed by the stories we view on screens. I would be redundant to mention that what we see on screens are simply highlights of the parts chosen to be shared publicly. For all we know most of it is an illusion.

But you, you have a real story. You have a story of hills and valleys, celebrations and heartbreak, falls and victories. You have a story of a past of plot twists, a present of a hope of a better future. You have a story; and it is your duty to share it.

So, do it here. #SheSpeaks is about sharing the stories of women. Some stories may be tear-inducing triumphs, some may cause readers to extend a hand or a shoulder, but it is still a story that needs to be shared. Will you?

Click here to send me your story. With your permission the story you send me will be shared here to encourage other women or on our #SheSpeaks Facebook Group. Know that your story is necessary, your voice is needed, someone is waiting to read yours so they’ll know their life has another page, another chapter before the end.

Speak up.


Tek care,


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