Show Up

Lawdy, Lawd, Lawd! (Clearly releasing this months late.)

2018 had been one for the books! No, really, a couple of books might come out of my 2018 experiences. Early last year I sat across the table from two of my then VPs as one expressed their disappointment that I failed to bring some of my leadership talents and voices to the organization. Whoosh, that stung…in a good way.

Listen friends, I’ve experienced several reminders this year that the world is truly waiting for me to show up and be who God has called me to be in its entirety. The same is true for you. If you’re anything like me you’ve said “no” before praying about offers that have come your way out of fear or inability to see yourself beyond your current post in life. You’ve zipped your lips shut in the moments when God gave you the idea that would propel a project to the next level. You’ve faded to the background.

If you’re guilty then by now you might be feeling like crap, but don’t. Former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, recently shared, “I have been at every powerful table: They are not that smart.” Don’t disqualify yourself; the tables of this world has your seat waiting on you to show up. And for those who have been created to build the tables, there are scores of people sitting around waiting for you to show up with their passion project.

So while this blog is read by all genders, I say especially to my ladies…speak. Use the voice you’ve been given and deliver to us what’s been planted on the inside of you. It’s burning in your veins, let it out.

CamiSpeaks…you should too (whatever your ‘speaking’ may be).


Tek Care,


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