A PK’s Own Call

I’m now 33 yrs old…call it my Jesus year (the age He was crucified for those who don’t know). This is the year that will celebrate a journey I started three years ago, and I’ll be sharing some lessons learned, observations made, current issues, and future hope that have marked this journey.

At the age of thirty it seemed like I finally woke up to myself. I know it’s a cliche statement that you have probably heard time and time again, but it is really as if life began at thirty for me. There was the birth of self confidence, something I grappled with my entire life, and a determination to do what I felt God was calling me to do for years prior. My grandfather had passed in January of that year, and by the time March rolled around I was confronted with a resolve that I had never felt before. I decided to answer the call of ministry, and not to worry about whether people would immediately assume it was some automatic designation because of my family.

I Have A Path Of My Own To Chart. God Demands It Of Me.

I admit, since then it hasn’t been easy to make good on said resolve. I genuinely love to help others, and prefer to blend in the background. Outside of my height, which I’m stuck with, I would rather not stand out. Therein lies one of my greatest struggles. I don’t want to stand out. I don’t want the spotlight. I don’t want the applause. I just want to do what God has designed me to do quietly.

The fact is, however, I can’t quietly proclaim His words. I can’t quietly teach His words. And I sure can’t quietly lead others in reverent worship of Him…at least, not for long. It requires stepping out and up and being bold.

So at the 6 month mark of being 33 here I am saying to the world, Cami Speaks. As of this year, she has been licensed to speak.

I am Camille Sheree Heron, serving as a minister of the gospel. This is God’s call to me, and I have answered.

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