Something For Nothing!

I remember my first class in 12th grade Economics class learning that, “There is no such thing as free lunch!” I think that needs to be taught at the beginning of every school year at every grade level in every class, in every orientation program on college campuses and workplaces, as a part of every new member class at churches, at the end of every baby delivery, and at the beginning and end of every news cast, sports game, and reality show…THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH!

It’s a simple statement that tells us we can’t get anything or something for nothing…everything comes at a cost! Even store sales come at a cost! In order to get them you have to spend something! For most, you end up spending more than you really needed just to cash in on the deal.

Buy 3, get 1 Free! – but you only needed ONE!!!

We want to wear designer digs but don’t want to pay the credit card bill.

We, ladies, want to wear body-hugging dresses without making the dietary and exercise changes to fit, so we cut off circulation to squeeze in body contouring shape-wear. (well, actually I personally have no interest in wearing those dresses)

We want the most convenient apps and devices who will know what we need, where it is, who to call, how to get there but don’t want to give those apps and devices permission to invade all our private features to fill those roles.

We want our children to be smart, well-rounded, contributing citizens but don’t want to sacrifice the time to do homework, attend meetings and activities, etc.

We want safe flights but don’t want to stand in long security lines, and take off our shoes.

We want to pull up to a drive thru window every morning but want the providers to give us healthy options. Not to mention we want the food to be served to us the minute we get to window but want the food to be fresh ingredients that were freshly cooked! ?!?!?!?

We want all kinds of something…

I am grateful for the one thing in life though free has cost me everything I thought valuable… thankful for the sacrifice at Calvary. For the love that I don’t even deserve, I owe my devotion.

He gave me more than something, requiring nothing in return… but I can’t help it, I will give Him my all.

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