Don’t Even Blink

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

Lately I’ve had this overwhelming uneasiness, as if the fulfillment of Matthew 24 is upon us and we’re all about to be caught unaware. I’ve been fighting against the urge to write and publish this, but since the feeling won’t leave me, then I’ll give in.

I don’t have much of a developed thought as yet, except to say be mindful! We’ve accepted so many things as being the norm that we don’t realize the depth of darkness on the land, the wars and rumors of wars, the complacency and hedonism in our celebrations (and I’m not knocking celebrations), the way the hearts of man has become cold towards their very relatives, unpredictable and catastrophic natural disasters…and how easily we dismiss anything anyone says that seems too far out or crazy!

Remember, in the days of Noah he sounded stupid! He looked stupid!

In the days of Jeremiah he sounded crazy! He was accused and punished for echoing what he boldly proclaimed as God’s warning.

Children of God, be careful…the time is nigh, and the signs are EVERYWHERE!

As always,

Tek Care!


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