You Want To Be What?

So I should probably review all the stories I’ll reference in this post before I do this blog, but I’m lazy…and I already have a mountain of reading to conquer, so here goes…from a sarcastic single woman!

Adam & His Rib

Adam found purpose, then his wife…Boo! Adam didn’t go searching for either of the two, God gave them to him. Adam was created, got his task, went to sleep, woke up to a wife, failed to ensure she follow the rule he should’ve been following, caved to her invitation, introduced us to sin. I don’t want that! And who wants a woman who gets tricked by a snake who played on her own curiosity, sweetly convinces you to be disobedient, and is your co-defendant in introducing sin to the earth? ….and then the spine-less man had the nerve to say “it’s the woman you gave me” when God called him out! Keep that!

Ruth & Her Boaz

Honestly???? She had to go lay by his feet! Eeewwww, no thank you! He was almost obligated to marry her anyways…

The Proverbs 31 Woman

She sounds awesome…but she doesn’t rest!!! Meanwhile, what is the Proverbs 31 man doing??? Sitting out on the street corner chatting it up? She runs the finance, the house, the fields, the children, wakes up before everyone, goes to sleep after everyone, and in her “sleep” is planning for the next day…no thanks!

LOL…maybe ’tis why I’m single? LOL…

I like Rachel & Jacob! He knew he wanted her, and even after her father tricked him into being with her sister with the unattractive eye, he worked longer and harder to get her. Now, this love story requires me to overlook the customs of the day to marry family…but geesh, none of the bible stories had flawless people or flawless relationships…and that’s the most important lesson for me.

Don’t get caught up in the latest catch phrases from best-selling authors and preachers. Trust God’s plan for you. Work on you, and God’s best for you will be added, be he a Boaz, she an extracted rib or hardworking woman of virtue. Just don’t get hung up on the person being the perfect match to the Bible character who’s the latest hype in relationship sermon series.

Tek care,


*ps – this is not meant to be a bible lesson or spark any theological debate on the biblical validity of the post. Just sharing my lighthearted way of seeing things.

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