Falling In Love…Again!

I’m so happy! I don’t know how it happened, matter of fact, I didn’t realize that I fell out of love until this feeling of falling in love just overwhelmed me!

I love Him, that won’t ever change honestly. I love everything about Him, even the things I don’t understand. I love How he loves me, and how He treats me. I love the way He speaks to my every being and my every situation. I love how He’s taught me how to love others. I love how He’s so creative and how He masterfully orchestrates the most beautiful thing. I love how powerful He is, how mighty and strong. I love that at the times I would feel down His warm embrace envelopes me in such a calm way. I love the way He keeps me in check, and corrects me when I make the wrong move or have a bad thought. I love Him! I LOVE HIM! I LOVE HIM!

But…I just realized that I was on my way to falling out of love of leading people to profess THEIR love for Him. It started to become a task, a duty, a chore…I was getting ready to despise it really. I was getting frustrated with the sound not being right, the voices not being on point, the audience not responding or following where they were being “led” to…I was over it. I was doing it, but over it! I love Him, gosh, I could fawn over Him forever…but I was over leading others to profess their love of Him.

Then this week, all week, He’s been courting me with the most beautiful melodies of love. Be they fast or slow, hard driving or easy listening, He’s been whispering them to me. They’ve been so sweet that I couldn’t help but vocalizing them, in my own quiet time, just letting them flow from me the way He was giving them to me. They’re not original words, others have written and recorded them, but somehow they feel fresh to me. They weren’t in my head because I was searching for them to use in a set list or a dance or a production, they were simply coming to me like beautiful love dialogues between He and I. Whew! I love Him! I love Him and I thank Him! Like Jimmy Swaggart sang decades ago, “I keep falling in love with Him over and over and over and over again.” The enemy of my soul sought to discourage me from loving to do what He called me to do. The enemy of my heart of worship tried to frustrate me out of the joy I feel each time I see the Holy Spirit in me connect with the Spirit of God in an audience to join on one accord and exalt God. Satan tried, once again He failed! I was falling out of love, but this week God renewed me so much so that I stand firmly, resolutely in love with leading God’s people to worship Him.

I love Him!

I love Him, and if you love Him too then be victorious by professing your love for Him; not because someone with a microphone tells you to, but simply as an expression of your love for Him and to show what He is worth to you.

I love Him!

Tek it easy,


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