I'm tasked with this message: Live An Unselfish Life. Consider others and especially their needs above yours. Make allowances for each other's faults. Give. Be Kind. It is a message I will share with you here in hopes that you will begin to not only live it out, but pass it on.

she speaks

I have thoughts. Lots of thoughts. Plenty of thoughts. Nuff, nuff thoughts. Here, I'll share them. I'll give them voice. Here, she will speak...no invitation necessary.

Biblical Thoughts

Now, thanks to the seed planted on my 24th birthday you can share in some of the things I have or will discover as I continue to study the Bible; questions I grapple with, things that challenge me, messages that ring loudly to me...they will all be shared in this category. Don't leave me by myself, add your comments and let's journey together.