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But You’re A Potato

Illustration: Lays Commercial - Mrs Potato In Pantry One of the craziest things to me is to hear a Christian or someone who attends church fairly regular talk about things they don't like about "y'all church people" what are you? A Church Alien? Church Animal perhaps? We, WE are all created from mess, into a… Continue reading But You’re A Potato

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Something For Nothing!

I remember my first class in 12th grade Economics class learning that, "There is no such thing as free lunch!" I think that needs to be taught at the beginning of every school year at every grade level in every class, in every orientation program on college campuses and workplaces, as a part of every… Continue reading Something For Nothing!

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Don’t Even Blink

Lately I've had this overwhelming uneasiness, as if the fulfillment of Matthew 24 is upon us and we're all about to be caught unaware. I've been fighting against the urge to write and publish this, but since the feeling won't leave me, then I'll give in. I don't have much of a developed thought as… Continue reading Don’t Even Blink


You Want To Be What?

So I should probably review all the stories I'll reference in this post before I do this blog, but I'm lazy...and I already have a mountain of reading to conquer, so here goes...from a sarcastic single woman! Adam & His Rib Adam found purpose, then his wife...Boo! Adam didn't go searching for either of the… Continue reading You Want To Be What?


Greater Sacrifice : Greater Faith

This past Sunday I had the privilege to share the following. I am grateful to God for the words below, and the opportunity to fulfill assignment in delivering it, however it challenged me. My prayer is that daily I live a life of total submission to our awesome Creator, and that in reading this you,… Continue reading Greater Sacrifice : Greater Faith

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I Thought You Were Single

After commenting on a status by Adrienne Hughes on Facebook where she addressed singles longing to be married I decided to write on this topic. As certain points were brought forward using the Biblical story of Ruth and Boaz I reflected on how selfishness has affected today's marriages. Let me be quick to say that… Continue reading I Thought You Were Single